Chinese Food History, Culture and Recipes

Learn about the ancient mysteries and modern realities of Chinese food. With authentic dishes from China and Taiwan, cooking tips and interesting facts.

Chinese Recipes

Chinese fried radish cake

Fried Radish Cake
Radish cake is one of the great staples of breakfast stores and dim sum restaurants.

Taiwan Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and Sour Soup
Authentic recipe for the delicious and extremely hearty Taiwan version of hot and sour soup, a dish that can be found in Chinese restaurants worldwide.

Rice porridge (zhou) with side dishes

Rice Porridge with Side Dishes
Rice congee is often the Chinese baby’s first solid food. It is also fodder for the convalescing when bland food is called for. But it is best enjoyed as a foil for savoury side dishes, most commonly for breakfast.

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Chinese Food History

A teacup (gaiwan) with green tea

Chinese Tea History
A potted history of tea: how it emerged in China and gradually went on to saturate half the world.

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Soy Story: the History of the Soybean
From wild vine to soy burger: how the soybean evolved in China to become one of the most versatile foods on the planet: tofu, soy sauce, sprouts, etc.

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Chinese Food Culture

Mother pig suckling piglets

Why China is a Nation of Pork Eaters
All through their history, Chinese have been dedicated eaters of pork – a brief historical look at the importance of the pig in Chinese cuisine.

Tofu and soybeans on a wooden cutting board

Soy Food in Chinese Cuisine
In China, the soybean is an important source of protein, and absolutely essential to the favour of Chinese cuisine. Learn about the soy foods essential to Chinese cooking.

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